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November 8, 2016

Unclogging the drain in your bathtub may prove to be quite expensive if you are not aware of doing it yourself techniques that may help you resolve the plumbing issue that you are experiencing. There are many items around the house and chemical based clog cleaners available in stores that can be used to remove a troublesome bathtub drain. In this do it yourself plumbing guide, I will provide some necessary steps to assist you in resolving this type of complication.

Basic Drain Construction

The tub drain has a small trap section that referred to as a “P” trap. This particular section of the construction serves two distinct purposes. The first purpose is to trap some of the water that discharged from the bathtub within the drain line area. The second objective is to prevent the gasses contained within the sewer from being emitted through the pipe into the home. Over time, particles such as hair and the residue from soaps and shampoos used during bathing may block the trap section.

The Blockage

If you can identify the problem, you may open up a wire clothes hanger and put it down into the drain to remove the obstruction. If a clothes hanger is a bit awkward, you may want to consider using a pair of pliers. If you are unable to identify a culprit, you will need to obtain a plunger and use it over the drain. To optimize the performance of this tool, pour some hot water over the drain before plunging.

Reducing Future Clogs

Once you have eliminated the obstruction from the bathtub drain, you will want to take certain steps to ensure that this issue not experienced in the future. One of the best measures that you can take is purchasing a device that is called a “strainer” and installing it over the bathtub drain. This will help catch debris that may prove to be troublesome in the future such as hair and small sections of soap or even the residue from the soap. You will need to clean the strainer unit regularly, but it is much less troublesome than coping with a clogged bathtub drain.

The next step to ensuring that your drain does not experience any annoying blockage is to make sure that a pitcher of boiling water is poured directly in the drain at least once a week. This help to remove obstructions in the drain.


If you experience a clogged bathtub drain, you may feel the need to call a professional. However, this is a job that can easily resolve without the need for professional services.

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